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1st magazine cover.

I shot the cover for the inaugural issue of the Bayonne Magazine which my wife, Tara, wrote the story for. Inside are also photos I took of Game of Thrones creator, and Bayonne native, George R.R. Martin. Will post more photos once the issue comes out later this month.


My wife has been writing for a website called NameBerry for which I took her profile photo. Here is a screen capture from their site.

nameberry for my site.jpg

Doing some street photography.

I've been really having the itch to just go out and shoot some stuff. My work demands specific subjects and it is easy to use that as an excuse to not take photos with an actual camera.  Hoping to use this blog section as motivation to just constantly make new work. Happy Halloween.

warewolf and virgin lowres.jpg
ghost with pumpkin lowres.jpg

Welcome to the new website.

I am very grateful for having people that find an interest in my work and I couldn't be more proud of this new website. I kindly ask that if you feel so inclined you let others know through whatever social media sites you use about


A sincere thank you to Adrianna from Foto Visura for lighting a fire under my ass to get this done as well as my wife Tara for helping me edit the text that goes along with the WBC images. 


Thanks again, and check back soon for more updates.